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Free birds.
Free knowledge.

These 133 CC-Birds are here to sing the praises of the following lovely projects and ideas.


The Creative Commons project created a set of licenses that are easy to use. They help to spread stuff, fill our knowledge pool and make projects like Wikipedia possible. Read on.
All the nice bird photos on this site are licensed under CC.

Idea and Implementation

Permaculture Commons proudly presents the CC-Birds. We contribute to a knowledge commons for people worldwide who want to live sustainable and self-determined lives.
By the way: What is Permaculture?

Images and Hosting

Wikimedia Commons is home to our lovely birds and over 28,000,000 other images, videos, etc.


(Mostly in german at the moment)
Learn about birds and permaculture on the free and wonderful education platform serlo.org.


Ok, we could go nuts here, but the whole damn internet is build on free and open software. HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery. Wow.
A yes, also this website is running on Linux and Apache.

Fonts & Stuff

The nice curly display font is called Vollkorn and is design by Friedrich Althausen. The little one you are reading right now is Karmilla.

This site also uses a pretty pattern by E. van Zummeren.


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Imprint / License

In the spirit of all of this, this website is also under a free license. It's CC-BY-SA.

The imprint can be found here.
By the way: This site was made by botho.cc 🐦

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